About us ?

PhytoKor, eco-friendly company located in the north-western France, Laval, Mayenne (53), is engaged in fair trade with African countries. Our portfolio of offerings spans the fields of pharmacy, crafts, cosmetics and textiles.

We promote African handicrafts and provide our customers with natural products and handmade products and steeped in the culture and African traditions and local customs.
Seeking to preserve an environment of fair exchange, PhytoKor working in direct partnership with the artisans and local producers, mainly in West Africa, allowing us to guarantee traceability and regular supply. We advocate the enhancement of traditional skills and natural products from local production.
Respecting local traditions, PhytoKor contributes to sustainable development of the local social and economic fabric.

Discover now Phytokor by letting you make drunk by the scents of Africa.

PhytoKor ...

"When love grows in you, beauty does the same. Because love is the beauty of the soul. ''
-Saint Augustin

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