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Shea butter

Shea butter extracted from the savannas of West Africa in a traditional way, is 100% organic, natural and 100% raw. Its natural sweetness and unctuousness make it a first choice product for the big names in the cosmetics industry.

You can make your own body and face creams based on this trusted product.

To do this, let yourself be guided by this recipe of grandmother passed down from generation to generation in Africa. A simple recipe that continues to seduce even today and which guarantees a skin of incomparable softness after 1 week of regular use (twice a day). Try it:

- Melt the shea butter (preferably on a low heat) in a saucepan

- Then let cool the melted butter at rest on a flat surface at room temperature (your work table for example)

- The warmed butter can then be spilled into the final container of your use

- Add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice for 250g of shea butter

- Mix your preparation and let it cool always at room temperature

Your creation is finally ready to be used. And for the more greedy or greedy, after adding lemon, you can sprinkle slightly your preparation of nutmeg. And for those looking for aphrodisiac effects, bring a little spice to your evenings by sublimating your creation to the sweet aphrodisiac perfume of ginger.

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